A personalized in-room concierge
for every guest.


Cue provides automated, in-room concierge services tailored to each hotel.

Guests use the device by asking a question or making a request.
"How can I get on the WiFi?"
"What family-friendly events are happening this weekend?"
"What is the best place to get coffee nearby?"
"I need to get to the airport by 9am tomorrow."
"When does the gym close?"
"Make a spa appointment for 10:00am on Thursday."
"I need fresh towels."
"Set a wake up call for 6:30 tomorrow morning."

Operational Efficiency

Cue automates concierge and front-desk services, freeing up the hotel staff to do more value-added work.

Information and Service Accessibility

Guests have instant access to hotel information and services without having to wait, walk or bother someone.

Sales Opportunities

Intelligently surface up-sells and cross-sells when it's most appropriate.


Cue equips hotels with tools to develop curated, personalized concierge services.
Engage guests with custom, branded intelligence
Automate services like wake up and check out
Provide instant answers to common front desk questions
Seamlessly update hotel content in real-time
Integrates with Property Management Systems
Provide 24/7 access to concierge services
Tastefully surface up-sells and cross-sells
Track guest interactions and gain insights

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We are a small, tight-knit team of hardware and software developers based in Seattle, WA.

To get in touch, email us at founders@cuedevice.com
Cam Urban
Co-Founder, CEO

Cam Urban, CEO

Cam focuses on Cue's business and customer development. Previously he worked at Microsoft on the cloud computing platform, Azure. Before that Cam co-founded a hardware and a software company, both of which were acquired.

Peng "Michael" Shao
Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Peng Shao, Mad Scientist

Peng is the product and science guy. Peng led the Amazon Speech Cloud and Mobile team responsible for the voice runtime technology powering the Amazon Echo, Fire TV, and others.

Le "Grace" Huang
Co-Founder, CTO

Le Huang, Technical Gal

Le is responsible for user experience and engineering. Le was a Software Engineer at Amazon Appstore. She holds an MS in Computer Science and a BS in Automation (Robotics).

We Are Hiring!

Want to pioneer the future of conversational intelligence? We are currently hiring speech scientists and hardware hackers. Drop us a line at founders@cuedevice.com or come and visit our office.